How To Keep Training In Cities Without A Gun Range

There are many perks to city living, but you’ll also find drawbacks. One major hurdle to living in a city is finding a good gun range to keep up your training. It can be challenging to find a reliable, reputable range open to the public within city limits. If you’re working on your CCW, regular training is a must. Luckily, there’s a safe, free technique you can use to keep building your skills. Dry-fire training lets you practice your skills without ammunition. Learn more about dry-fire training to support your process in Riverside County CCW Training.

What Is Dry-Fire Training?

Dry-fire training involves going through all the motions of firing a standard shot but without any ammo loaded in your weapon. This practice is a standard step of learning how to shoot. A good instructor can guide and correct your form without live ammo. You can also go through the standard steps of preparing your weapon and lining up your shot while dry-firing.

Since no live ammunition is involved, you can practice dry-firing shooting in places where you’d never fire a live round. This strategy is a great way to improve your skills in between CCW classes. Dry-firing also helps you rack up practice hours even when you don’t live near a gun range.

The Benefits Of Dry-Fire Training

Dry-fire training offers a variety of benefits. Once you see how valuable your dry-fire practice can be, you’ll be happy to add this to your routine.

  • Save money and ammo. Dry-firing doesn’t require any ammunition, so you can save big on ammo costs.
  • Practice at home. You can practice dry-firing in any living arrangement. Pull the blinds or practice in your room to keep nosy neighbors and roommates from getting the wrong impression.
  • Build practical skills. Regular dry-firing practice will reinforce your skills with live ammunition. Focus on your foundations with every dry fire. Your results at the range will rapidly show improvement.
  • Explore different techniques. You can try drawing from a holster or drawing from concealment while dry-firing at home. 

Stay Safe While Dry-Fire Training

Dry-firing lets you put all your skills to practice. Make sure to follow safety protocols every time you pick up a weapon. 

  • Assume all weapons are loaded. You should physically and visually confirm that your weapon is empty before dry-firing it.
  • Remove all ammunition and any loaded weapons from the room before practicing dry-fire. 
  • Only point your weapon at things you want to destroy.
  • Never touch the trigger until you’re ready to fire or dry-fire.

If you find dry-firing helps your learning process, consider investing in a specialized dry-fire pistol. These tools don’t have any ammunition capabilities, so they’re safe options. Modern models use apps and lasers to help improve your skills.

Build Your Skills With Dry-Fire Training

Dry-fire training is a simple, effective, and free way to become confident with your weapon. Whether you can’t get to the range very often or want to improve, you’ll see excellent results from dry-firing. Start practicing at home! We look forward to seeing your progress at your next Riverside CCW Training class.

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