Veteran Owned

Jonathan Lee

Jonathan Lee has been a professional defense shooting trainer since 2013. Having had a desire for public service, Jonathan joined the British military and police force in Hong Kong where it was under British rule. During his police career, Jonathan was stationed in multiple tactical postings including the Police Tactical Unit, Emergency Unit, and anti-narcotics unit.

He moved to California in 1998 for a family reunion and obtained a college education. Jonathan has been excelling as a professional firearms trainer and has attained multiple NRA Firearms Instructor credentials since 2013.

Jonathan is a certified NRA (Law Enforcement Div.) Firearm Instructor, Pistol, Tactical Shooting, and Patrol Rifle. In additional, Jonathan received extended training in CCW defense shooting and competition shooting. He is also a certified CA DOJ FSC program instructor.

With his knowledge, experience, and teaching passion, Jonathan is recognized as a multi-faceted instructor with a reputation for training quality and effectiveness.

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