Our Instructors

Meet our team of 
NRA & CCW Certified
Firearms Instructors 


Our NRA Certified Firearms Instructors have a long history of teaching firearms classes to first-time shooters, novices and hobbyists, to the advanced law enforcement and competition shooters.


The proven methods we employ in our firearms instruction will ensure you hit not only the target you're shooting at, but precisely where on that target you choose to place the shot.  Shot placement and accuracy is key.  Fast is good but accuracy is better.  

 Learn to shoot now!
  • “I learned more in one day attending John's class than I've learned in the over 10 years I've been shooting."                                                                                               Launi D.



  • “I took the NRA Basic Firearms Course having never fired a gun.  I hit the bullseye with my first shot and my second shot went through the first whole!  John's methods work.  Plain and simple." I'm a believer.                                                                       Sondra M.



  • “I've been shooting for several years.  The methods I learned in John's class improved my shooting 10 fold.  I'm far more accurate than I've ever been.  Simple adjustments made all the difference.                                                                                                        Frank Z.



  • “I was the victim of domestic violence. I was afraid to even consider a firearm but John made me feel comfortable with one and now I'm working toward my CCW.  I feel more confident than ever.”

Lyn D.