CCW Prep Course

Basic weapons handling for concealed carry and in preparation for required CCW Course.

Course Description

Students will learn the basics of drawing and re-holstering firearms from a concealed location as they pertain to concealed carry. You will learn new tips and techniques of safe firearm handling to prepare you for your CCW qualification course. 

You will learn basic marksmanship, trigger control, how to safely draw and re-holster your firearm, and how to carry your concealed firearm properly. You will learn loading and unloading procedures, failure drills, and the management of ammunition and equipment. We provide professional insight on proper grip, the importance of trigger control, stance, moving while shooting, as well as holster selection and placement. 

Basic scenario and observation training will help you understand and analyze your surroundings and atmosphere, as well as assist you in understanding the principles behind cover and concealment, helping you make the decision on whether or not the use of a firearm is necessary.

Who Should Take this Course?

Prospective CCW applicants. Those of you that have been to a range on a regular basis but have never drawn a firearm from a holster or concealed location, and desire a CCW, this is the class for you! This course is an introduction to carrying a concealed firearm and a prerequisite to the Initial CCW course. This course can be taken before your initial CCW Course for practice or after as a refresher. Continued and ongoing training is recommended for all CCW students. 

Course Requirements

  • Arrive with the attitude necessary to learn different techniques than what you may already know. Our techniques are employed by agencies that use firearms daily, whether in combat or on duty in a public setting.  
  • You should have a working knowledge of the firearms you will be using and be able to work through malfunctions and/or equipment failures on your own.

What You Should Know

  1. This is NOT a beginner's firearms course. You should have a working knowledge of all firearms in your possession and have the basic skills and abilities necessary to draw from a concealed location and fire at a target at various distances.  
  2. This course includes instruction, range fee, and target.
  3. Shooters MUST complete an Online Waiver PRIOR to attending the course. Visit and scroll to ONLINE WAIVER. Use the same information that appears on your driver's license: no nicknames or incomplete addresses. Once completed, you'll receive an email with a bar code that will be needed to check in.
  4. You should arrive wearing comfortable clothing similar to what you'd wear on a hike. Please no shorts or skirts as contact with the ground may occur. 
  5. No tank tops, V-necks, or low-cut shirts. 
  6. Wear flat shoes or boots. No high-heels, flip flops, open-toed shoes, or pumps. 
  7. You should have closely-trimmed nails to ensure a safe and proper grip of the firearm. (Acrylics are strongly discouraged) 
  8. If you wear glasses, bring them. 
  9. Long hair must be pulled back away from the face in a ponytail or in a hat.
  10. Hearing and eye protection will be needed but not provided. We have ear and eye protection available for purchase if you need it.
  11. Bring the firearms you wish to have on your CCW (6 maximum, no smaller than .380, no larger than .45). Bring them with you UNLOADED and in a LOCKED CONTAINER. Do not bring rifles or shotguns! This is a pistol course only. DO NOT BRING AMMUNITION INTO THE CLASSROOM.
  12. You must bring holsters for all firearms. "Inside the Waistband" (IWB) KYDEX are required. We stock holsters for the most common firearms and have them available for purchase. DO NOT bring leather or fabric holsters that collapse when the pistol is drawn. DO NOT bring "Outside the Waistband (OWB)" holsters. They ARE NOT PERMITTED in this class.  
  13. You must wear a belt capable of retaining the holster when the firearm is drawn.
  14. 100 Rounds of Ammunition (Normally available for sale at the range.)
  15. Water/Sunscreen/Bug Spray is encouraged (dependent on weather).
  16. You may choose to bring snacks and drinks.
2 hr
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A $50.00 NON-REFUNDABLE registration deposit must be made online. Cancellation or re-scheduling of your registration requires a 48 hour notice and can be done by calling or emailing our office at Emails are time/date stamped and must be received 48 hours prior to start time to be eligible for a refund. Failure to cancel or reschedule your registration within that 48 hour period, will result in forfeiture of your deposit.

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Registration and Cancellation

A $50.00 NON-REFUNDABLE registration deposit must be made online.  Cancelation of your registration requires a 24 hour notice and can be done by logging into your online account.  Rescheduling is possible with a 48 hour notice prior to the start of your original registration and when made online by logging into your account.  Failure to cancel or reschedule your registration will result in forfeiture of your deposit. 

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