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We are Riverside County’s leading firearms training and education provider. Approved by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department and Beaumont Police Department and in accordance with California State Law, we will help you meet and exceed the training requirements for your Concealed Carry Weapon (CCW) permit. We are also Certified Utah and Arizona CCW providers.


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Do I Qualify for a CCW in Riverside County?

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Firearm safety and shooting courses for the experienced shooter, professionals, and the first time shooter.







Advanced Training


Firearm Safety Certificate (FSC) Test

by appointment only.

FSC Detail (English)
FSC Detail (Spanish)

In order to purchase a firearm in the state of California, you must obtain a Firearms Safety Certificate (FSC) from a DOJ Certified Instructor.

To obtain an FSC, you must take the DOJ written test and receive a passing score of at least 75% (the information needed to pass the test is contained in the study guide linked below). An FSC is valid for five years from the date of issuance. If your FSC is lost, stolen or destroyed, a replacement may be obtained from the DOJ Certified Instructor who issued your original FSC.

The fee for taking the FSC test and being issued an FSC is twenty-five dollars ($25). The fee entitles the applicant to take the test twice if necessary.

Para comprar un arma de fuego en el estado de California, debe obtener un Certificado de seguridad de armas de fuego (FSC) de un Instructor certificado por el DOJ.

Para obtener un FSC, debe realizar el examen escrito del DOJ y recibir una calificación de aprobación de al menos el 75% (la información necesaria para aprobar el examen se encuentra en la guía de estudio vinculada a continuación). Una FSC es válida por cinco años a partir de la fecha de emisión. Si su FSC se pierde, es robado o destruido, se puede obtener un reemplazo del Instructor Certificado del DOJ que emitió su FSC original.

La tarifa para tomar la prueba FSC y obtener una FSC es de veinticinco dólares ($ 25). La tarifa le da derecho al solicitante a tomar la prueba dos veces si es necesario.

Exercise Your Right…

Become a responsible citizen gun owner with expert training and the coursework necessary for your CCW permit.


Courses for Every Shooter

Our NRA certified firearm instructors have a long history of teaching firearm classes to first-time shooters, experienced shooters, competitive shooters, and advanced law enforcement personnel.


Basic handgun safety for Firearm Safety Certificate

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Introduction to carrying a concealed weapon and skill enhancement

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Law enforcement certification and advanced training

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No Longer Afraid

“I've never felt comfortable shooting a gun until I took John's class.  From the very beginning, he understood my fears and addressed them calmly.  I enjoy shooting now more than ever.” 

Aimee R., Student

I thought I knew

“I've been shooting for years.  It wasn't until I met John that I realized I've been doing it all wrong.  With a few fine-tuned tips, I was shooting better than I ever had and all it took was a few grip and trigger tips. Now, I've got to practice.”

John W.,Realtor

A Whole New World

“Wow!  John's class was informative, exciting, and packed full of experiences, tips, and proof that his methods work.”

Robert B., Student

I’ve Been Waiting

“Finally!  An instructor who actually taught me something... I now know how to properly hold my firearm after 25+ years of shooting...Thanks John."

Sean C., DHS

Perfect Environment

"The relaxed environment, the fact that John took the time to show us what we were doing wrong with our grip of the gun. Once corrected, we had an amazing time shooting more accurately.  Learned how to shoot in different situations.  John's knowledge of firearms and the law was greatly accepted and appreciated."

Aaron R., DHS

Custom Shop

"You customized the course based on your audience and made sure that all the students with various backgrounds are on the same page."

Fadi A., Military Advisor

On Point

"Just wanted to say thanks for your help in getting me through the CCW class on June 13th. My interview went great, and believe it or not, from RCSD interview to having my CCW in hand was 11 days.  Thanks again!"

Joe R., Student


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Learn about responsible gun ownership and current events to CCW in California.

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